Let’s be honest, using the heat iron is a pain in the neck.

Just like how we barely get enough sleep, we barely have enough time for household chores which includes ironing. We even have to worry about our finances! However, we still need to look presentable for our work, dates and special occasions. We totally understand!

You probably know about ironing. But garment steamers are becoming increasingly popular. They are less accident-prone, not to mention more convenient, much faster, and easier to use when it comes to straightening creases and wrinkles.

In this guide we are going to review 7 of the best standing garment steam irons or garment steamers that provide remarkably faster dewrinkling than iron.

Standing irons, garment steamers, or steam iron are all used to get rid of creases and wrinkles in clothes. Trust us, this is going to be the best electrical appliance investment you’ve ever made.

#1. Philips GC552/46 Garment Steamer

Price: S$189 (estimated)

Sleek, powerful, and well-reviewed – there’s a reason why the GC552/46 garment steamer from Philips is one of the bestsellers on the market right now. It comes with powerful continuous steam as well as an extra long StyleBard. It can do more than just remove wrinkles and iron out creases – it truly provides a clothing refresh.

Key features of the product include its ability to penetrate even thicker garments such as coats, 3 steam settings for different types of fabrics, the Easy Rinse descaling function that allows you to increase the longevity of the appliance, its versatility to work wonders on all ironable fabrics and garments with zero risk of burning (which is great for silk), and he Hang & Lock feature that can hold clothes efficiently.



#2. LG S3WF Smart Styler (in white)

Price: S$2,199 (estimated)

Though a little expensive, the LG S3WF is worth every dollar you throw at it. It’s a professional-grade garment steamer that can iron out any wrinkles in a jiffy, quite literally. It doesn’t use a handlebar to throw steam to penetrate the fabric. Instead, you place your garments inside the machine and say goodbye to wrinkles, creases, as well as any odour!

Surely very convenient, it is 185 cm high and 44.5 cm wide with a 58.25 cm depth – this means that it can envelop any garment pretty easily and comfortably.

The product doesn’t just look good – but it truly works like a charm. You can expect to straighten out your clothes and remove all odors in minutes and be on your way to that wedding or that date night in no time.



#3. Electrolux E5GS1-55DB Garment Steamer

Price: S$209 (estimated)

One of the mid-range options on this list, the Electrolux E5GS1-55DB is a classy equipment that can add a dash of style to any corner of your home. It comes with a powerful performance which you can expect given its 1300W power consumption. It also has a continuous steaming function and can be used to quicky iron even the most delicate of fabrics such as silk garments.

As it’s suitable for all types of fabrics, you can treat it just like an iron in most cases.

A larger-than-usual 2.3L water tank sure allows you to iron a large volume of clothes. This tank is removable and comes with large filling holes, making it very easy and convenient to refill water once you run out of steam.

Bottom line is that using the Electrolux E5GS1-55DB is pretty efficient to iron clothes, tablecloths, and even bedsheets or curtains in a gentle and time-saving fashion.



#4. Stilys ST70SB

Price: $639 (estimated)

The Stilys ST70SB is a great vertical steamer. One of the most classy options out there, it has an exclusive Start and Stop technology that sets it apart. This steamer delivers steam when necessary and stops when not necessary, thus helping you save steam while also making the usage much more comfortable and convenient.

The French-made Stilys ST70SB comes in an elegant design. It is compact, chic, and neat. You can use it on any fabric.

Largely proclaimed as revolutionary, using this garment steamer will tell you precisely why it is called so. It has changed the way we iron our clothes by combining convenience with energy and water savings.

The removable 1.2L tank can hold a sufficient amount of water to iron a great deal of clothes and garments.



#5. Novita Garment Steamer SS38

Price: $225 (estimated)

Delivering on the brand goal of “redefining garment care,” the Novita Garment Steamer SS38 is nothing short of spectacular. It is specifically designed to smoothen wrinkles and creases from any fabric. It can smoothen anything from stiff denim and cotton to delicate silk.

Primarily good for people looking for last-minute touchups or comprehensive steaming, the SS38 is quick to start and fairly easy to use on a regular basis.

It is a little bulkier than most of the other options on the list, however, so that takes a few points away.



#6. Panasonic NI-GSE040PSH Garment Steamer

Price: $138 (estimated)

This garment steamer from Panasonic is a compact device that starts up quickly. The 360 degrees stream and above-average water capacity of 2 liters make it a much better option than the cheaper options you would find on the market.

Furthermore, this model comes with an adjustable steam setting (much like other modern garment steamers) and has a long cord length of 1.3 meters that will be sufficient for nearly all use cases.

It has a 1600W quick and powerful steam and a 55 second startup time. You can adjust the steam length for varying penetration levels depending on which fabric you are working with. As the adjuster is located right on the handle, it makes things easier to make steam length adjustments during usage.

It is lightweight and we found no issues of hand fatigue upon constant usage. The system also has an easy-to-clean design that keeps the steam hole from clogging up over time.

Silk is thin, so you can use the standard steam and cotton is thick, for example, so you should use the long steam.



#7. Tefal Expert Precision Garment Steamer IT9500

Price: $239 (estimated)

The IT9500 is built for precision. This garment steamer has a 2 meters long cord and a 3.2 liters water tank – which is the largest on our list.

This steamer can be a little bulky, but is easy to use otherwise. If you also want comfortable one-handed steaming using a large metal head then this is the right product for you.

You can use the precision shot for spot-on precision on demand by choosing between diffused and concentrated steam for different types of fabrics.



In conclusion


Garment steamers are gaining in popularity thanks to the amount of time they save.

They are significantly fast in removing wrinkles and creases relative to ironing. Here’s a quick tip. You can add essential oils in the water tank of the steamer to make your clothes smell better! It works as natural perfuming for the garments.

Garment steamers allow you to remove wrinkles and creases from your tops and garments in a jiffy. For the convenience they provide, all of the products in our guide are an absolute steal. Also, these helpful appliances will be helping you out for several years!

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