We unveil the 3 BIGGEST reasons how we can help you secure larger loan amounts starting from S$20K, FAST!

These days, getting a loan is pretty commonplace.

From home renovations, medical emergencies, to credit card debt consolidation and your child's education. These are just some of the reasons why many Singaporeans take up loans. Moreover, there are no shortage of loan companies. From banks to licensed financial institutions, your options are aplenty.

However, with so many options to choose from, how do you know that you are working with a reliable and trusted financial institution?

Can you be sure that they will be able to provide you with the loan amount you desire?

Truth is, many of these banks and licensed financial institutions have very strict and tedious loan application processes. This can be a huge disadvantage if you’re looking for money to fund an emergency.

At Direct Financial, we’ll tell you why we’re able to help you secure a larger loan amount, all within 1 hour tops!


Armed with a multitude of licensed financial institutions

Just like how you most likely wouldn’t patronise a food stall with poor service and food, you would also steer away from financial institutions with a poor track record.

Some financial institutions are more prestigious and they look solely at your credit report. However, there are others that go beyond that and consider other factors. They might look at your current financial situation and make better judgement. This means they will be more willing to consider someone with credit that isn’t perfect.

At Direct Financial, our expertise and wide range of financial institutions under our arm ensure that we provide the best and largest loans to our borrowers. Credit is never an issue with us and we can scale a loan with the highest possible amount for you based on your needs.


Loan approval within 15 minutes with our sophisticated system

Long and tedious loan application processes? With Direct Financial, you won't have to worry about those!

We have made it extremely simple for you to apply for a personalized quote with us. All you have to do is to fill in your personal details, loan amount and preferred location. We’ll then do all the work for you by sussing out the best financial institutions in the area.

The best part? Upon submitting your quote, you’ll be informed of the outcome in merely 15 minutes!

All you have to do after this is to visit the financial institution’s premise, sign the relevant documents and receive your cash on the spot.


Work with steadfast and well established financial institutions

The financial institutions that we work with have been pioneers in the borrowing industry. Thus, you can be assured of their strength and trustworthiness.

By working with these esteemed financial institutions, we will be able to grant you access to larger loan amounts, all within a shorter period of time!

Skip those tedious evaluations and checks. Everything is kept seamless. In most scenarios, you should be able to receive your loan within the hour.

Choose Direct Financial As Your Best Loan Curation Platform

At Direct Financial, we work on the ethos that the lending process should be kept fast, simple and efficient. We eradicate the long and tedious application process to ensure that you receive your funds within minutes.

Moreover, we collaborate with well establised financial institutions to ensure that we have the available resources to support your endeavours.

Opportunities are aplenty, and with the right financial institution to back you up, you’ll be capable of achieving even greater things!

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