The option to borrow money online has made everyone’s lives easier. Today, you don’t have to take a personal day off work to visit your financial provider. Most banks and licensed moneylenders have streamlined online application forms that you can fill in in a few minutes at any time, day or night.

The cost of living is high in Singapore. Here’s the problem:

Some loan sharks use the Internet to attract unsuspecting customers. Contacting the wrong moneylender can prove disastrous – you may lose your funds, or worse, have your identity stolen.

The solution is learning how to borrow money safely from the internet. To spare you the trouble, you can use a personal loan calculator here or get a free quote within hours!

1. Check the Financial Institution and their Website


Checking your licensed moneylender and their website is the surest way to borrow money safely, even online.

Here’s what to double-check:

  1. Ensure the connection is secure. A website that starts with “https” is safer than a website starting with “http.”
  2. Verify the name. Let’s say you know the name of a legit moneylender or bank in Singapore. A loan shark may create a duplicate website with that moneylender’s name. Red flags include:

Remember that licensed moneylenders aren’t legally allowed to ask for a fee before approving your loan. They can ask for a maximum of 10% admin fee, but only after disbursing the cash in your account.

The other fees that a licensed moneylender can demand are:

  1. Check MinLaw’s list of licensed moneylenders. All licensed moneylenders in Singapore are registered in this list created by MinLaw. Check all loan agencies you find online on this list to ensure they’re not undercover loan sharks.
  2. Check their address. MinLaw requires all licensed moneylenders to have a physical address of their headquarters to conduct face-to-face verification. So, firstly, the moneylenders on your shortlist have these addresses. Secondly, make sure an agent establishes a formal interview with you before actually approving your loan.

Warning: You can apply to borrow money online in Singapore, but a licensed moneylender will never disburse those funds online without prior verification.

  1. Check their ads. If this moneylender advertises their business on social media or sends you messages, they’re iffy. MinLaw directly prohibits moneylenders from advertising, except for:

Warning: Get out as fast as you can if you find online ads for loans that send you to specific websites. Online loan ads are illegal! You can also report these websites to the Registry of Moneylenders or the Ah Long hotline at 1800-924-5664.


2. Research Various Alternatives

Even if filling in and submitting your application takes minutes, that doesn’t mean the whole process should. It’s not enough to Google “borrow money online,” click on the first link that pops up, and then actually get your loan from that provider.

Here’s how you should proceed:

Once you’ve shortlisted a few options, google reviews on them.

Pro tip: Companies, including licensed moneylenders and banks in Singapore, will highlight positive reviews on their websites. So, search for other customers’ opinions on dedicated forums, Reddit Singapore, or social media.


3. Choose the Right Loan

Not all loans are created equal, and you should find the right one for your needs even if you borrow money online. Otherwise:

Your application can be rejected, in which case your credit rating decreases.

You obtain a less convenient loan from all points of view (sum, interest, installment, and tenure) because it’s not explicitly crafted for your needs.

Some loan types you can consider are:


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